What is the Game Dev Tips Vault?

Every day, GSO students are engaging with 1-on-1 mentorship from our Scholars (Professional game developers) and priceless knowledge is constantly being shared. As of date, there have been over 200 recorded sessions in the last three years that have been stockpiling in the vault. This content is now going to be disseminated in a carefully curated way covering a wide-range of disciplines that includes: design, environment art, character art, concept design, and engineering.


  • 1

    Completing Personal Projects Faster with Boy Sichterman

    • Project Updates | Silent Hill Trailer

    • Trailer Cut Updates and Feedback

    • Boy Sichterman Introduction

    • Learning Functional Design before Digital Modeling

    • Prop work is Getting Competitive

    • Gun Personal Project

    • Fast Projects is Working Smart

    • Current Personal Project and Conclusion

  • 2

    Trailer Analysis with Derek Lieu

    • Guest Scholar Derek Lieu

    • Silent Hill WeMake Progress

    • Prioritize Unblocking Someone First

    • Guest Scholar Derek Lieu Introduction

    • Feedback on Original Silent Hills Trailer

    • Feedback on WeMake Trailer Cut

    • Half-life Alyx working off Nostalgia

    • Finding the Narrative

    • Last of Us Part II Trailer Analysis

    • Parting Words and Next Week's Guest Scholar

  • 3

    Silent Hills Project Announcement | WeMake

    • Project Planning Overview

    • Silent Hills Project Details RECAP

    • Amit Enters the Project

    • Guest Scholar Derek Lieu (Trailer Editor)

    • Next Week's Game Plan

    • Every Small Project Needs a Main Driver

    • Advice on Freelancing & What to do in the industry

  • 4

    Apprentice Club Meeting with Brandon Pham

    • What is the Class-in-Session Purpose

    • Meeting Apprentice Nachi

    • Meeting Apprentice Tony

    • Apprentice Nachi's Next Big Goal

    • Getting a Job During Covid

    • Where is the Industry at right now?

    • Apprentice Tony Goals for this Month

    • Apprentice Club Exclusive Monthly Jam

    • Apprentice Jam Next Steps

  • 5

    Environment Art Creation on Last of Us 2 with Nestor Carpintero

    • Guest Scholar Information

    • Guest Scholar Introduction

    • Commuting ( from Orange County to Los Angeles)

    • Important Notes to Ponder on...

    • Sony's Way of Creating Environment in The ORDER 1886

    • Important Notes to Ponder on...

    • Lone Echo and VR Game Dev

    • Important Notes to Ponder on...

    • Constructing Last of Us 2 Environment

    • Environment Pipeline at Naughty Dog

    • Perks being a First Party Studio

    • Important Notes to Ponder on...

  • 6

    Character Creation with Ilya Prosirov

    • Introduction to Guest Scholar

    • Ilya's Passion for Character Art

    • Stage 1: Project Overview, Zbrush vs Maya and blocking in Shapes

    • Import Z Meshes into Maya for Fixing Model Issues

    • Zbrush Deformers

    • Shortcomings of Zmodeler

    • Stage 2: Refining Shapes and Proportions

    • Developing Characters for Mobile Devices

    • Stage 3: Detail Modeling Damage Control

    • Handy Zbrushes

    • Retopology in Maya

    • Baking Down Resolution and Preparing Files

    • Texturing Overview Introduction

    • Albedo Color Layering in Substance Painter

    • Adding Detail Normal Mapping After a Bake

    • Posing with Skeleton in Maya

    • Marmoset Presentation Setup

    • Conclusion

  • 7

    Architectural Visualization with Lyndl Kempis

    • Guest Scholar Information

    • Welcome Message

    • Guest Self-Introduction

    • Most Students Don't Find Jobs

    • Important Notes to Ponder on...

    • A Peek into the Architectural Visulization Industry

    • Important Notes to Ponder on...

    • How Lyndl Fell into the Arch Viz Industry

    • Other Industries Looking down on Game Dev

    • Important Notes to Ponder on...

    • Percentage Make Up of the Arch Viz Developers

    • Feeling the Burnout at the Five Year Mark

    • Reigniting the Passion for the Industry

    • Why Playing Games is Important

    • Pro Tips & Goodbye

  • 8

    Environment Design for Valorant with Brian Yam

    • Guest Scholar Information

    • Introduction to Brian Yam

    • Pretty Concept Versus Production Concept

    • Important Notes to Ponder...

    • Boxy Design for Valorant But Still Interesting...

    • Important Notes to Ponder on...

    • From Pitch to Final Process

    • Blocking out an Idea for an Environment

    • Important Notes to Ponder on...

    • Accents and Colors for Gameplay Support

    • Important Notes to Ponder on...

    • Future Proofing Portfolio

  • 9

    Valorant Performance Analysis

  • 10

    3D Content Creation on Valorant with Sean Marino

    • What is Class-in-Session and its Purpose?

    • Announcing New Courses for August

    • Next Jam Announcement and Core Platform Honest Opinions

    • Talking with Students, and Praveen’s Self-Introduction

    • Student-to-Student Advice on How to Succeed with GSO

    • How does Unreal 5 Tech Demo play a role for future AAA games?

    • Important Notes to Ponder on...

    • Boring 3D Techniques will be Automated, but Cheating won’t…

    • Important Notes to Ponder on...

    • Last of Us 2 and Why Portfolio Work doesn’t look the same as Game Renders

    • Important Notes to Ponder on...

    • “Tools are always better in a better Craftsman”

    • Important Notes to Ponder on...

    • Valorant Specifications for a 3D model

    • Important Notes to Ponder on...

    • Putting in Triangles to Where it Counts

    • Important Notes to Ponder on...

    • Comparing to Cutting-Edge AAA Games

    • Important Notes to Ponder on...

    • Resources to Stay on top of your Game

    • Important Notes to Ponder on...

    • QA | How was the switch to Riot Games?

    • QA | Valorant isn’t so demanding on hardware, and updates are very small. Will this continue to be the case for future updates?

    • Become an Apprentice and Learn from Sean

    • Important Notes to Ponder on...